St. Josephs Cloistered Monastery

We had been receiving many invitations from the different Dioceses of Kerala to establish a Carmel in those Dioceses. Having reflected deeply on the repeated requests of His Excellency Most Reverend Dr. Remigiose Ingianickal, the Bishop of Tharamarassery, Kerala, we have decided to found a new Carmel (St. Josephs Cloistered Monastery, Thamarassery) in this Diocese. The OCD Fathers of the Malabar Province, who had been instrumental in establishing the Carmel of Malayattoor and who takes care of us now, have graciously donated us enough land to establish this new Foundation.

Though the need of a new Carmel in this part of Kerala is extremely genuine and the prospects are greatly bright with good vocations, funding for the construction and establishment is a serious concern for us. Our Carmel of Malayattoor is almost fully self-supported with our different works and location donations. Yet even now we are lacking a library and some infra-structural needs. What we might be able to raise from our local friends for this new foundation would be nowhere near what would be the cost of the construction. His Excellency Bishop Remigiose also is trying to raise a part of the fund for this. We are also requesting such Catholic Agencies that help these types of projects for their support in the establishment of this Carmel. Even if we are getting the expected support from all these, still we are in need of a huge amount for the construction and establishment of this new Carmel.

In this situation, we are requesting for your valuable prayers and generous support through which we hope this divine project and desire of our Carmel and of the local Church of the Northern part of Kerala will eventually be fulfilled. We assure you our humble prayers and sacrifices for you and for all your intentions. May our Lord reward you from His abundance.

Banking Details
Name of the account Holder St. Josephs Cloistered Monastery
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IFSC SIBL0000428
Account Type Savings
Bank South Indian Bank Limited
Branch Thamarassery